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  • Fleeting Thoughts Vol. 1&2 from buhlü

    Fleeting Thoughts Vol. 1&2 from buhlü

    buhlü has just released the second part of his album, Fleeting Thoughts. This two-part beat tape is a groove-focused collection of musical ideas that showcase a wide variety of styles and sounds that he has developed in his music production journey.

  • Calling Quarters from Neon Spellcraft

    Calling Quarters from Neon Spellcraft

    Read about Neon Spellcraft’s debut EP covering a broad range of musical styles in the bass music genre.

  • Monsters


    I have been working on some music that is inspired by monsters. I won’t dive too deep into the individual tracks here but you can find my little blerbs and links to listen on my blog: High quality versions of the song files are available on Bandcamp: Monsters are usually depicted as terrible creatures but…

  • Ghosts


    I just released the last of my “monsters” series of singles, Ghosts. It’s a tribute to one of my largest musical inspirations and is a continuation of themes touched on in my track G.A.N. – exploring the oncoming tidal wave of artificial intelligence and spiritual machines. Listen in the usual places:

  • Vampire


    I’ve been processing an alarming number of deaths in my social circles recently. In the past 2 years, 9 people, all younger than I am, died really abruptly. The experience has left me thinking a lot about my own mortality and feeling uncomfortable having outlived these people I have known. In a certain way, I…

  • Werewolf


    My new track Werewolf is out in all the places: There’s an easy-to-play game called werewolf where people put their heads down (the “villagers” go to “sleep”) and are tapped by people who furtively sneak about,  the “werewolves”. The werewolves know who the other werewolves are because they’re tapping the villagers while they sleep and…

  • Rolling Sampler tricks

    Rolling Sampler tricks

    Rolling Sampler is an inexpensive plug-in from Birdthings that is the gift that keeps giving for me. The existence of this amazing little utility was brought to my attention by Mr. Bill and I find myself filling a lot of little workflow gaps with it over time. There are plenty of alternatives to using Rolling…

  • A reflection on my musical journey so far

    It’s now been over five years since I started seriously producing music. When I say seriously producing music, I’m referring to working on music on a daily basis and not just thinking of it as a hobby. I had done some hobby level music production for most of my life, had formal music training as…

  • Pitch Bends

    I wrote a blog post about Glide in various software synths but would be remiss if I also didn’t cover pitch bends. Pitch bends are pretty much exactly the same as glide except you control them differently. This is because the Pitch bend control in VSTs has history with traditional synthesizer keyboards. Synthesizers oftentimes have…

  • Insights from Making Quick Beats

    It’s useful to spend some time making little beats (Li’l beats) and getting your core music production skills locked in. I recently spent a week or so and made 51 quick beats to explore different BPMs and work on finding nice grooves that I like. I created beats in every BPM between 90 and 140…