My new track Werewolf is out in all the places:

There’s an easy-to-play game called werewolf where people put their heads down (the “villagers” go to “sleep”) and are tapped by people who furtively sneak about,  the “werewolves”. The werewolves know who the other werewolves are because they’re tapping the villagers while they sleep and can collaborate / corroborate as the game moves on during a discovery phase of the game when the players try to identify and trap the werewolves. It’s an interesting game because the villagers have no idea who the werewolves are and tend towards infighting and anarchy while the werewolves slyly help them destroy themselves. Almost every time the game is played, the villagers lose.

The game was invented by a Russian sociologist as part of their doctoral thesis on information asymmetry to prove that an informed minority will always have a massive sociological advantage over an uninformed majority.

The myths of Werewolves are about transformation, under the moon they turn from safe people hidden within society into a destructive and growing force. Werewolves are not about who they were before but who they are now and who they have become. As it applies to people, we are who we are in the present, not who we have been in the past, despite any similarity in appearance.