G.A.N. track released!

Cover art for G.A.N.

This track is about the emerging role of ML/AI in humanity. While making the track I was learning new tools for creation built with machine learning / artificial intelligence and the experience gave me pause until I leaned into them. I have seen artists become fearful from their experiences with ML but I personally find the potential of AI to be a creative lightning rod. This song tries to capture both perspectives. As we march forward to the future, we’ll encounter new things that will make us uncertain at first, giving us future nausea and causing us to reject them but we must learn to embrace them. I believe that the future is bright and we’ll eventually come to incorporate these new tools in our practices to elevate our forms to new levels of artistry.

This track is the first time I’ve released music since 2022 and I’ve distributed it to additional stores, check out the release on: