image showing a gallon of milk with the title bass milk

It’s not a thing (it is though)

I just released a new track titled “It’s not a thing (it is though)” and I feel like you learn something new every time you release. I’m not sure what I’ve learned this time but at a minimum I was surprised that SoundCloud distribute doesn’t push the track to SoundCloud? Is that right?

Well, the track is out! The album art is one of the first Blender sculpt’s that I have done and although it’s the best art I could do at the time, it still begs for feedback:

image showing a gallon of milk with the title bass milk

That said, the art I made was something that I just wanted to do when I finished the track and I also had another visual in mind when it was wrapped which was to make an animation inspired by the I regret nothing chicken meme:

The “I regret nothing but make it a gallon of milk” visual felt like it matched with my vision for the song and I just wanted to keep going with making my own silly visuals even if they are still bad pancakes.

This track is about having your own stupid thing that you insist on doing despite people discouraging you from doing it – for me it’s more than one thing. Everybody has at least one quirky thing that they do – be it drinking a gallon of milk in the morning at a festival, making silly songs and playing them from their phone a million times while their friends roll their eyes, or wearing the same lucky shirt when their sportsball team plays. This is a song about letting people be themselves and letting those silly quirks go because that’s part of the individual and what makes them special.