Our Friend Gus’s Casiotone CT 640

our friend gus's casiotone

This synthesizer was Casio’s first keyboard based on sampled sounds. When I was a young piano student, I had access to one at home and would noodle around on the keys and play my Suzuki method homework on these sweet PCM sampled instruments. I also remember being blown away by the DEMO mode of this keyboard. This is not sampled from my childhood keyboard (I found it at a vintage synth store!) but the sounds still brings back memories like how our cat peed on ours giving it a funny smell.

This bank includes Kontakt instruments as well as Soundfont 2 files (playable in Ableton Sampler, Fruity Soundfont Player, and Reason NN-XT / NN19).

The following programs have been added to the bank:

  • Accordion
  • Bells
  • E Piano
  • Funky Clav
  • Harp
  • Harpsichord
  • Jazz Guitar
  • Marimba
  • Organ
  • Piano
  • Vibraphone

Regardless of how you will be using this, you should first extract the downloaded files to a folder you can easily find. To load the Soundfont2 file in Ableton, drag the SF2 file into a sampler instrument. For Reason, load the SF2 from the NN-XT or NN19 instruments. I’m currently seeing issues loading SF2 files into Live 11; if you load the SF2 into your library in Live 10, it will then appear in your 11 library. For FL Studio, load the Soundfont Player device and load the SF2 file.

For Kontakt, just browse from the file manager to the NKI files. It’s the first time I’ve distributed Kontakt instruments, so you may need to resolve the path to the samples by providing the folder you containing the samples when you load the instrument.

You’re welcome to use the samples from my instrument however you want – I consider them to be attribution-free public domain so long as I’m not unknowingly breaking some other license. If you want to give me something back for giving these away, just follow me on Soundcloud, Instragram, or Twitter and say hello if you see me at a festival! I’ll be giving away more stuff as I make it so check back on https://ourfriendgus.com from time to time.